delivering the finest

wild harvested
sustainably cultured
hand-selected seafood

to the world's top chefs

We Take Honest Seafood Labelling Seriously

Organic Ocean was the first seafood supplier in the world to adopt DNA authentication to provide consumers the assurance they were getting what they paid for

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Sustainable Seafood Products

Organic Ocean supplies sustainable seafood that is not just better for the planet, but tastes better too. Our traditional harvesting and delicate handling techniques produces seafood that connoisseurs consider to be among the best in the world.

Bringing together independent, family and First Nations fishermen who share ethics and values devoted to supplying better seafood, we have achieved the scale necessary to provide our customers with an array of consistently and distinctly superior fish and shellfish.

Our Mission

Enhance and promote all aspects of the supply of sustainably harvested and produced seafood

- Dane Chauvel, CEO of Organic Ocean

Our Sustainability Initiatives

By adopting sustainable and environmentally responsible harvesting practices, we provide the finest seafood to those who care about what they eat and want to ensure the long term health of the resource for the benefit of future generations.

Organic Ocean was established by independent West Coast fishermen who felt a balance had to be struck between their traditional way of life and the impact on the fisheries.

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