Sockeye test fishing with Meighan Makarchuk

After a brief closure the commercial sockeye fishery is back up and running. In order to help assess and properly manage the fishery, Organic Ocean conducts test fishing for sockeye on behalf of the Pacific Salmon Commission. Test fishing days consist of catching 100 fish and collecting their DNA samples for research. The research data is then used by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) to manage the sockeye fishery.

Meighan Makarchuk, the web manager for Ocean Wise and Vancouver Aquarium, joined us on a recent test fishing day where she learned a lot about fishing and helped us collect sockeye DNA samples. Awesome deckhands like Meighan are always welcome aboard the Carte Blanche, especially when they help spread the word about adopting sustainable and environmentally responsible harvesting practices.

The fish that are caught for test purposes are Ocean Wise recommended sockeye and can be purchased from Organic Ocean for a very limited time.