Where much tuna is still sourced from environmentally-dubious fisheries, the albacore tuna from Organic Ocean is awarded top marks for sustainability. The way it’s caught is a big part of the appeal – our fishermen don’t use purse seine nets or floating lines that trail with thousands of baited hooks, the way most tuna is caught. Every fish is caught from healthy stocks by surface trolling, where there is no collateral damage or massacre of other fish or younger tuna which is the population­devastating side-effect of the alternative mass scale tuna fisheries.


Organic Ocean’s wild Pacific Haidacore™ albacore tuna are caught by hook-and-line off of the West Coast of Haida Gwaii which is about as far north as these highly migratory fish range.The populations from which these fish are harvested are the healthy, well managed three to four year class fish which are comparatively free of mercury accumulation. While albacore has the highest level of Omega-3s of all tunas, our Haidacore™ which are harvested in the fall have an especially high oil content and flavorful flesh from a diet of oil-rich forage fish. The sashimi-grade Haidacore™ loins have a rosy pink flesh that turns ivory when seared and are considered to have a more delicate and melt-in-the-mouth flavor than the ahi (yellowfin and big eye) tunas.