The great thing about crab is that it is not only one of the most succulent and delicious but also one of the most sustainable types of seafood because of its ability to produce a large abundance of offspring (high fecundity) and relatively short lifespan. The crab fisheries are carefully managed with trap limits along with the “3-S” measures of size, sex and season restrictions.


With a light reddish brown hard shell, white to light orange underside and white tipped claws, our Pacific Dungeness crabs are harvested in traps (pots) designed to allow bycatch and undersized crabs to escape. Unlike other crab meat which is cooked and then frozen in sections, our Pacific Dungeness crab is harvested, cooked, picked and then packaged and refrigerated prior to being shipped fresh. This ensures the tender body flesh and slightly firmer leg meat is flavorful, sweeter and never chewy or water-logged.


Harvested in much smaller volumes than the king and opilio (snow) crabs, the bairdi (also known as tanner) crab is a favorite amongst those in-the-know about seafood. Available as frozen leg and claw clusters, the bairdi is meatier, sweeter, and more succulent and delicate than the other species of crab. In response to a sharp decline in bairdi numbers, policy adjustments were made to limit the catch through a crab rationalization program in which harvesters were provided individual fishing quotas. The program has been extremely successful and contributed to a remarkable rebound in the bairdi stocks.