Salmon Season is Open!

Dane and the crew, which included renowned chef Brett Vibber of Cartwright’s Modern Cuisine in Cave Creek Arizona ( set out on the Carte Blanche’s first trip of the season. The Carte Blanche is equipped with a vessel monitoring system that provides real-time location data. You can follow along with where the crew is fishing on the map below. They started the trip nearly halfway down the Western side of Haida Gwaii (British Columbia’s most Northern and remote archipelago of islands) on July 10th. Fishing their way to the top of these islands, they ran into schools of bait, more fish and, of course, more weather. They fished through this, nonetheless, and wrapped up their trip with big numbers and big fish (including a 38 pound ivory king salmon).

Chef Pino with the 38 pound salmon

Before Brett headed off, the crew showed him around the port of Prince Rupert. What a fantastic trip! Thanks for joining us Brett.

With salmon season being fully underway, the crew are eager to get back out to the grounds. They are targeting Chinook (or king) salmon as well as coho. Both are being caught far from their spawning grounds, meaning they will have very firm flesh, high fat content and bright silver colour. This is a short season, with not a lot of fish to be had. If you are interested in these products reach out to Steve (778-231-9453) or Carlos (1-855-671-2600) and they will set you up.