About Us

Organic Ocean was established by independent West Coast fishermen who felt a balance had to be struck between their traditional way of life and the impact on the fisheries. By adopting sustainable and environmentally responsible harvesting practices, they provide the finest seafood to those who care about what they eat and who want to ensure the long term health of the resource for the benefit of future generations.

Their fish and shellfish have gained an international following of chefs who have found that they have elevated their clientele’s culinary experience by making environmentally friendly seafood choices and selecting sustainable options and the finest ingredients for their menus. As changing dietary habits have driven consumers towards premium, natural, sustainably harvested and traceable seafood, the success of Organic Ocean’s customers has fueled demand for Organic Ocean seafood.

Recognizing that sustainably harvested wild fish could not keep up with growing global seafood consumption, Organic Ocean supports advances in aquaculture that promise healthy seafood alternatives with minimal environmental impact. Shellfish mariculture, land-based salmon farming, and the ocean production of sablefish, all of which have been developed to meet the highest third party sustainability standards, have enabled Organic Ocean to supplement their wild with fresh seafood available year-round.

By narrowing the gap between producer and customer, Organic Ocean has created value for both. This drew the attention of First Nations fishers who refused to see their fisheries corrupted by a supply chain seeking high volume production of low valued commodity seafood. Seeking an alternative that would see them realize the full value of their unique seafood varietals, a cooperative of First Nations Commercial Fishing Enterprises partnered with Organic Ocean and established an arrangement which promotes environmental stewardship and rewards the adoption of enhanced harvesting, handling and processing methods.

Organic Ocean has evolved into a community of seafood producers – traditional, modern, indigenous – all of whom share a common ethos built upon solving the ocean’s greatest environmental challenges and protecting its productive capacity. Together they have established Organic Ocean as a model to demonstrate that there are better alternatives for the production of great seafood.